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Honda Prelude VTEC 1992-96

All you ever need to know about modifying, tuning, & fixing the Prelude

Thank you for visiting my site. You should have found this page because you are a Honda Prelude VTEC enthusiast , or because you were searching for information about the 4th generation  Honda Prelude VTEC . This is chassis type BB1 - BB4 and was built between 1992-1996. is continually being updated, so please check back here regularly for new items.

We will try and host information which is relevant and will be of use to prospective buyers and owners of the 4th generation Honda Prelude VTEC. Information on how to maintain and modify these mechanical marvels will be included. We will try and build up a collection of How-to pages with step-by-step guides for the some of the easier maintenance and service jobs, like valve adjustments , brake pad replacement, ecu and
4WS resets etc.

Please feel free to browse the things of interest to you. We have information on the   JDM Prelude Type-S included in the Honda Articles page, which includes details of everything from the air intake modifications to the high compression pistons, even cam and exhaust modifications.

Please take a look at the Links page where you will find a collection of web sites which have been useful to me whilst researching and looking for replacement or aftermarket tuning
parts for my Prelude VTEC.

Enjoy your visit and keep coming back to have a look around... You welcome to join our new FORUM to buy and sell your items for the Prelude and discuss anything Honda related.


Honda Specialist - Performance Autoworks, Unit 13, Horcott Industrial Est., Horcott Road, Fairford, Gloucestershire, GL7 4BX. Phone 01285 711 733 Over the holidays in Dec 2008 the Accord Type-R engine and gearbox conversion was completed into my BB1 Prelude by Honda Specialist Performance Autoworks at Unit 13, HorCott Industrial Est., Horcott Road, Fairford, Gloucestershire, GL7 4BX.

Contact phone no. from 9am to 5pm on 01285 711 733.

This was an H22A7 Accord Type-R engine and U2TQ LSD gearbox conversion  The engine came from a 2000 model Accord Type-R which had recently been salvaged by an owner on the forum.Accord Type-R Piston (11:1 cr) Additional work was done before the engine and gearbox was fitted. The 12 lbs light weight flywheel and H-Series adjustable skunk2 cam gears and my new Exedy clutch were switched over from the my old H22A engine build.   Also new timing & balancer belts were fitted, and a slight oil leak was fixed whilst the engine was out of the car. Cam seal, vtec solenoid, and distributor all checked and fixed. Richy, did an excellent job, on time, helped out loads with supplying parts necessary to complete the installation. Here are the photos with additional comments from Performance Autoworks. H22A7 Engine Swap Big thanks again to Richy for doing a great job. I highly recommend Performance Autoworks.